t’s not easy to pin down the most enviable look from Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood.
Here’s How to Get Brad Pitt’s Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood Champion Logo Tee

It is difficult to bind the most lucky look from Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood. The motion picture, set in 1969, is loaded with extraordinary outfits that run the range from denim-and-cowhide getups to some especially sharp custom fitted contributions. It was a transitional minute for menswear, with the conservatism of the prior long periods of the decade offering path to the more out-there design we as a whole will in general consider when we consider ’60s style. As it were: there was a mess going on, both, all things considered, and in Tarantino’s motion picture.Brad Pitt

However, while Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rick Dalton has the lock on the cowhide coat and-turtleneck combo, it’s difficult to beat Brad Pitt’s Cliff Booth in vintage pants, a yellow Hawaiian shirt, and a became dim Champion logo tee. It’s that tee specifically that got fans’ eyes, as prove by the (practically great) number of knockoff variants accessible online at this moment. And keeping in mind that, definite, you can get one of those in the event that you truly need to, why not go directly to the source and get something legitimate?

Brad Pitt

Despite the popularity of another Champion these days, the logo on the tee actually belongs to the Champion auto parts brand, which got its start in 1907 and is best known for manufacturing spark plugs. The company is still going strong today, and—lucky you—even sells branded merch direct from its website. There is one wrinkle, though: There aren’t any white tees available.

Instead, you’ll have to opt for a black version:

If you’re in the market for a Champion tee so you can channel Pitt in Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood, the news that a legit white version isn’t available might be a little disappointing. But think of it this way: Would Cliff Booth—or Brad Pitt, for that matter—really rock a knockoff?

Embrace the vibe, if not the actual color of the shirt, and go for the real deal. Wear it like crazy, get it nice and faded, and in a little while, you’ll have a shirt worthy of envy, too.

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Here’s How to Get Brad Pitt’s Once Upon a Time…

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