5 × 5 training program is a program for those who want to get stronger and volume. Especially useful for beginners, this program helps you to increase muscle mass in a short time and at the same time get used to lifting weights.

The 5 × 5 program has been used for a long time and is a very popular strengthening and bulking program. The main theme of this program is: you force your muscles 3 times a week by performing compound exercises and you give your muscles time to heal and grow with a good rest in the remaining days.

Training program prepared by Reg Park and created by similar movements.

However, as in every program, it is very important that you pay attention to your diet. Be sure to get enough calories and nutrients to support muscle growth!

It is not recommended that you use such a program as your first training program. People who have gone to sports for 4 to 6 days a week for 4-6 months and who have been involved in lifting weights may move to this program as the next step. Before starting this program, make sure your body can withstand the intense training program. If you start this program without adequate training experience, you are more likely to cripple yourself.

Another key point of this program is correct and adequate rest. Make sure that you sleep at least 7.5 hours of quality sleep during the program and that you are not doing any work that will force your muscles over the rest of the day. Your training days will force your muscles so much that you will need a good rest.

The application of the 5 × 5 program periodically forces you to grow stronger every week. Every week you need to increase weight, so this program is more suitable for beginners. For advanced bodybuilders it is almost impossible to increase weight every week.

The implementation time of the 5 × 5 program varies from person to person, you can switch to another program when its development slows down.

Training Scheme

As I mentioned before, this training consists of compound movements. There are 5 basic movements; Squat, Bench Press, Barbell Row, Overhead Press and Deadlift. The common point of these movements is that they are less limited in weight-raising compared to many other movements, so they give you the opportunity to train at very high weights. Removing high weight causes high muscle stress, high muscle stress and high muscle stress with adequate rest.

Note: Definitely increase the weight gradually, make sure that you can remove the new pain, I should satisfy your ego do not get injured!

The scheme of the 5 × 5 training program is quite simple, there are two separate daily training schemes A and B; On day A; Squat-Bench Press-Barbell Row; Squat-Overhead Press and Deadlift. You’ll be training using these schemes respectively.

5 × 5 Program Example Week 1

Monday– A schemeWednesday– B schemeFriday– A scheme
Squat 5×5Squat 5×5Squat 5×5
Bench Press 5×5Overhead Press 5×5Bench Press 5×5
Barbell Row 5×5Deadlift 5×5Barbell Row 5×5

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Preparatory Study

In the first week of the exercise program, your body should be cautious to get used to this type of training system and you should determine the weights that you should use. If you haven’t implemented a program like this before, your body will react to this program and try to get used to this new model, so you’ll let the process of adaptation begin.

My advice is to spend your first week trying to find the right weight, after you find the right weight, you can continue the program in a healthier way.

Choosing the Right Weight

You can start by finding the weights you can do at the maximum of 5 repeats. You can use this in 5 sets and 5 repetitions by slightly reducing the weight, because we aim to complete all 5 sets successfully. The weight you choose should be neither too light nor too heavy to complete the set.

The most important element of this program is the 5 sets of 5 repeat training models performed in proper form. For this reason, you have to perform repetitions and sets very well for the success of the program, which is the right weight to find. Never use heavy weights that will require you to break your form!


The basic logic of this process is that you are now pushing your limits and need some rest. I am among those who advocate the rest of the process by reducing the number of reps or the amount of weight in small amounts, rather than by letting me spend days in person. You can continue training and relax by reducing weight by 5% to 10% or by reducing reductions in your scheme.

For example; You would make 80 kg Bench Press on Monday, but you failed three consecutive sets, this time when you do the Bench Press again on Friday, do 70-72 kg Bench Press and start to slowly increase your weight from here again.

Perform weight reduction only when you fail. If you can continue to perform other actions successfully, you don’t have to make a decrease in those movements.

5 × 5 Training Program Advantages of Application

The 5 × 5 training program leads to a lot of positive results, especially in the beginners’ development. The training method is quite simple and this is a very important feature for a newcomer. No matter what their goals are, the complexity of the training program can be one of the reasons that cool beginners in the gym.

And the most important thing is that your strength increases and this leads to a significant muscle growth. Finally we all want to be bigger and stronger.

5 × 5 Training Program Disadvantages of Application

The simplicity we advocate in the above section can be seen as negative, albeit from a different perspective. Medium and advanced bodybuilders often need more complex programs to increase muscle mass. This complexity; it may mean to diversify exercises or to color the exercise scheme. Doing only 5 × 5 will not be very effective on bodybuilders who have already completed a certain muscle development.


5 × 5 is a great start-up program, but it may not be the perfect choice for medium and advanced bodybuilders. Simplicity and practicality are important and useful for less experienced individuals.

If you are new to weight lifting and are looking for a program to volume, give this program a chance. I’m sure you’ll get visible results if applied correctly.

Increase Your Strength with 5 × 5 Training Programs

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