If you don’t have protein powders, you can prepare your own protein shakes at home!(fit stock price)
Feed your muscles with this drink containing 42 grams of protein

If you are interested in fitness, bodybuilding or any sport, your body and muscles need more protein than people who don’t. Or as a person who doesn’t do any sports but is trying to lose weight, get rid of its redundancies and live well, you may want to meet your daily calorie needs from proteins instead of carbohydrates

Our protein shake recipe in this article is a recipe that can help you at this point.As well as fit stock price. It does not contain any additives, it is completely natural and healthy. It also helps repair your muscles thanks to its high protein content.

Protein Shake Nutritional Values:

Enerji, kcal : 330
Protein, g : 41.9
Karbonhidrat, g : 28.1
Yağ, g : 5.6

As you can see, our recipe contains a high amount of protein, 42 grams of protein and 28 grams of healthy carbohydrates.

Protein Dustless Protein Shake Supplies:

200 grams of curd cheese (without salt)
1 piece of banana
1 tbsp cocoa (10 grams)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Water (eye decision, desired amount)

How to Make a Homemade Protein Drink?

1-Put the ingredients in a mixing bowl.
2-Mix well with the blender, shred.
3-Enjoy your protein-free protein shake.

You can try our recipe with this fit stock price.It can be consumed before and after the exercises.

both healthy and fit stock price

Protein Dustless Protein Bar Recipe! (Homemade)

Make protein shake.(fit stock price)

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