The benefits of training with body weight are quite high. When you meet all the basic sports elements in a few basic exercises and stay away from the gyms, you will have the chance to continue your training session without interruption.

Even if you are in a close relationship with the salon on the side, you can strengthen your existing fitness values ​​by applying these exercises and you can increase your balance of reactive power to much more levels. In addition, you can increase your potential power level to very optimistic levels, so you can add the advantage of having a fit appearance next to the condition.

The best advantage is that these exercises are exercises that you can do anywhere in just about any environment in just about every situation. You can have a gym of your own wherever you want and spend unique moments here.

When you apply these 5 of them to your body weight training recommendations, you will feel that you are much more likely to benefit from your current situation. Let’s start by explaining these 5 exercises.

1-AB Roll-Outs

With this gymnastic ring, you can easily reach your existing power in a very short time. You can increase your expectations in such a movement. This movement, which incorporates much more impact than you think, will offer you a power potential that you can add to your lasting and existing strength.

This movement will have a very positive effect on your potential power gain. Plank modernization product which takes its basic purpose and integrity from plank called legendary movement can be shown as plank modernization product.

With a few changes to the movement, this movement has become the best among body weight training. One of the biggest differences between this movement and plank is that the upper body movement area is provided by body balance and potential power.

2-Push-Up Exercises

 One of the body weight exercises is the pull-up, which you can use as a warm-up movement.
One of the body weight exercises is the pull-up, which you can use as a warm-up movement.

Body weight training is a very useful exercise performed by taking the center of push-ups. The substructure taken on the basis of push-ups is the points that are influenced by the movements and the integrated coordination.

The push-ups are effective in places where you never dreamed. This effect at the same rate as needed in each region by applying your body to enter a beautiful mold.

The effects on the shoulder, chest and triceps are quite high and very positive. In addition to the balance policy implemented in the body with a sporty approach to the balance of the body, Shinav should become the focal point of every athlete in every place easily applicable. With the body being held by 4 power centers, Şınav will make a great contribution to the show.

3-Bulgarıan Split Squats

The body weight exercise is the most well-known type of exercise, but it is so difficult to do this exercise with impressive performance will make you a man with a different condition and power.

With a support element, you can increase the body coverage area that you set into motion by raising your out-of-focus knee slightly from the current movement focus, and you can increase the efficiency and pleasure you get from the movement.

Even though this movement is shown to be suitable for knee and leg muscles and bone structure in the books, one of the abilities that it has provided is the balance and hip movements. This movement, which allows you to advance your hip area as much as you can with further training, can achieve a lasting sporty balance that can increase your body balance considerably.

A regular weight that will make you overpower a weight over your head during the movement can be fixed on the head or you can run at the height of the chest integrated into the movement. This will increase the efficiency of the movement, but will give you a different working ambition.

4-Squat With Your Own Weight!

The movement of squats with its own weight, which is known by almost everyone but is not known by its name (in some books as squat by body weight), makes a great contribution to basic body strength with many positive aspects.

Thanks to your knees that support the load on the ankles, you will have the opportunity to record a great strength in the lower leg area. Body weight exercises can be done by connecting the squat element to your own weight while giving you the chance to add a whole range of movements that you can do with your body.

With this exercise you can easily spend a lot of useful sports can spend minutes. However, you can advance your muscles by making a great contribution to your potential strength.


While pull-ups are a difficult exercise to perform, it has a structure where you can easily place inverted row exercises. It is the most preferred and most useful method of pull-up body weight exercise, which generally gives the direction of development to the back and shoulder muscles.

As it contributes to muscle development as well as giving the body balance to the arms, the arm helps to make the arms more balanced by the attention to detail. With such a move, you can perform quite successful training sessions, and you can follow unique development processes using your own body.

The pull-up allows you to modify your body by giving it different positions or changing the retaining ring. In this way, you can do more effective training according to your preferences.

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Top 5 Body Weight Exercise

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